For Horses

• Arthritis Relief

•Health and Wellbeing

• Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

• Athletic Performance

• Hoof Health

For Humans

• Arthritis Relief

• Health & Wellbeing

• Joint & Muscle Pain Relief

• Athletic Performance

• Neck & Back Pain Alleviation

For Pets

• Small Dog Muscle Healing

• Medium Dog Muscle Healing

• Large Dog Muscle Healing

• Small Cat Muscle Healing

• Medium Cat Muscle Healing

LZR Ultrabright Therapy

• Dermatitis

• Weight Loss

• Acne

• Open Wounds

• Cancer

Did you know we also offer red light therapy ( LZR Ultrabright)?
Red light therapy is great for healing wounds, and these pictures prove it.
This is a mounted patrol horse that had a girth sore and had thick scar tissue forming, and it was sensitive and attracting all sorts of bugs.
With a few red light treatments, scar tissue massage, and some topical ointments, in just 8 days the skin is healed, the scar tissue is much thinner and it’s no longer sensitive to touch.
The LZR Ultrabright laser is perfect for all sorts of inflammation.

Brain Tap

• Quality  Sleep

• Stress Management 

• Motivation 

• Improved Clarity 

• More Energy


Two Times the Machine


Strong & Lightweight


Strong & Lightweight

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