Lori is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist through Therasage EMC and Certified in Red Light Therapy by the AOPP

We understand that painful conditions caused by accidents, arthritis, or disease can be very frustrating. Obtaining relief from these conditions with prescriptions and over-the-counter painkillers is also frustrating because of the potential effects on the body and possible side effects.

We chose to partner with MagnaWave for our treatments not only because of their reputation as pioneers, but also for proudly being family owned and operated in Louisville, Kentucky. MagnaWave has been working with PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields) equipment since 2002, they are simply the best-of-the-best in the industry.

We have seen great success over the years with treating people, horses, and pets, and can’t wait to share this therapy with you.


Zade is an 18 year old barrel horse with a HORRIBLE habit of shouldering every turn he makes. As age comes, Their ability to move as they once did starts to go. Zade didn’t slow down, but he did start getting bad habits out of pain and not being able to move as freely. After he got magnawaved for his 2nd time ever, even on the next day, he was more relaxed and ready to run! We ran our first clean pole pattern in 2 years and he didn’t shoulder in! We also ran through 4-H stakes and keyhole, as well as barrels and he didn’t shoulder AT ALL or drop his shoulder!
Andrea Smith

It was a very close race for first and Hollianne and Katche did great! Every time these two step into the arena, you can be sure that it will be fun to watch. These  two are a great team and work so well together. 
Katche is a 12 year old quarter horse that can get pretty sore but after a few Magnawave sessions, Hollianne could really tell a difference in his movement. 

 Taylor Rebman and her sweet little mare Dixie are a perfect example that hard work and dedication pay off. 
Coy Lil Frosty “Dixie” , 4 yr old mare
2021 Ashland Paint and Plain Horse of the Year
World Champion, Reserve World Champion

Magnawaving is great for anyone!
MagnaWave is the future for health and wellness.

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